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Quality Control and Inspecttion
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Guangzhou Jhon offers four types of quality inspection services, each of these services are an important guarantee for each importer and ensuring the quality & safety of their goods when they are buying goods in China,
These four quality inspection services include:
Pre-production inspection,During production inspection, Pre-shipment inspection and Container loading inspection.

1.Pre-production inspection

We will confirm which raw materials (or components) the supplier will use for production. Some factories may reduce costs by using poor quality materials, which is fatal for the quality of the product. Pre-production inspections also focus on the processes that are followed at the beginning of production. This is also an important part, as some factories often cut corners and do not respect the buyer's design drawings, and the above problems can be avoided by pre-production inspection.

2.During the production inspection period

During the production inspection period (also known as DUPRO inspection in the industry), the buyer is able to understand the average quality of the product early in the production cycle. It usually happens after some finished products in the early stages of production. If quality problems are found, we can immediately take corrective measures for the wrong production work to ensure the smooth production. It gives buyers early planning time and even avoids delays (repair and re-inspection take more time when product quality issues are discovered after all production is completed).

3.Pre-shipment inspection

The final inspection (also known as “pre-shipment inspection”) is the most common type of QC inspection in the export process. Pre-shipment inspections are performed when 100% of the goods are completed and at least 80% are packaged, it is a true random inspection and the supplier cannot falsify. It puts pressure on suppliers and provides buyers with security. The goal is to finalize the quality of the goods before shipment, and the parameters such as appearance meet the production requirements, rather than identifying problems early in production. Therefore, it is generally recommended that customers use DUPRO as a supplement to the final inspection to detect problems early in time to avoid catastrophic problems at the last minute, otherwise the schedule will become very difficult.

4.Container loading inspection

Similar to pre-production inspections, rarely used. But in some specific cases, it is a worthwhile inspection item. If the buyer's packaging method is problematic, for example, some cartons are too weak to cause damage to the merchandise; or the packaging is not traditional, such as some machines, there is no carton protection but special protection measures are required. When foreign customers do not trust suppliers or multiple suppliers to package goods for their products, container loading inspections ensure that the correct number of products are shipped in the correct packaging and in the right amount.
In general, all four types of inspection services are required for very important projects. Typically, one or both of these tools are selected based on the risk determined by the buyer. Choosing the right quality control service will ensure that your shipments are safely and safely produced and exported to your country. They are an important part of China.

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