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O E M service
                                                    What is OEM?
The original equipment manufacturer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is the manufacturer to produce according to the customer's needs and specific requirements (such as design, function, color and materials), all product details are manufactured according to the customer's design.
OEM companies can print your own brand logo on the product, OEM companies are only responsible for manufacturing these products, and customer buyers can sell finished products under their own brands. The services provided by the company are also called OEM services. Typically, these companies are private label manufacturers who can print the logo on the product for you in the products they manufacture.

  • Printing your logo on the product,
  • Design your packaging.
  • Product design, including electronics functions development
  • Injection molding of components
  • Product assembly
  • Surface treatment and logo printing
                                                              Why choose China Guangzhou Jhon?
As an OEM service provider, Guangzhou Jhon has a stable supplier system with very strong engineering and R&D teams who have their own manufacturing facilities and are able to perform their production tasks very well. Our featured industry is Phone Accessories, Consumer Electronic, Daily Accessories, Lights & Office Supplies and Cosmetic & Make up. However, our range of services can provide customers with customized production in other industries (including solar panels, food and beverage, medical equipment, auto parts and tools, building materials, production machinery, etc.) to ensure customers get solutions for these industries.
Our professional OEM services cover the entire product lifecycle from concept to design, manufacturing and after-sales service, providing customers with a complete product customization solution. We will solve all the problems from the proposal of the product concept to the completion of the final product, and the customer does not need to worry about other accidents in the process.
In addition, we have a good quality control system. We will get deep into the industries to help buyer has a superior control of the delivery, production, and after-sale service. Ensure from raw material procurement, production monitoring, and quality control to final inspection, all meets the buyer's requirements and delivers high quality goods on time.
Choosing us to save your time and money, we will get all ready for you.
If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.
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