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Logistics and freight forwarding
Logistics and freight forwarding
                                           Logistics and Freight forwarding

We work with different shipping companies (MSC, APL, PPL, EMC, etc.) to provide quality transportation and logistics solutions to all companies wishing to ship their goods from China to the world at the best price. We also have our own transportation department that covers all transportation issues, whether you need air, sea or any other services - including warehousing and distribution, customs clearance, packages, order fulfillment, etc. Our years of quality assurance experience and excellent staff will provide you with the safest freight forwarding service in China.

                                                    Ocean Freight

Generally speaking, Ocean freight is the cheapest transportation form, and has the advantages of low cost and long-distance and large-volume. Ocean freight can transport large quantities of cargo regardless of shape or size, and ships can carry large machinery, cars and equipment. Therefore, if you have a large quantity of goods, you can consider this way of transportation.
Ocean freight can be divided into: complete container (FCL) or shared container (LCL). Among them, FCL means that one container is all your goods, LCL means that your goods and other importers' goods are merged into the same container before being exported to your country. Depending on the actual quantity, size and demand of your cargo, we will arrange an international shipping port to port or door to door service in any case.
Specializing in shipping for import and export business, Guangzhou Jhon is a reliable choice in China.


                                                       Air Freight

Air freight refers to the use of aircraft to transport customers' goods. It is the perfect choice for those looking for a faster, more reliable turnaround solution. Air transport is usually used for small, high value goods.
We have established cooperative relationships with many airlines company and have a number of air freight lines, such as Thailand, Malaysia, the United States, Canada, Colombia and other dedicated line. Thanks to our air freight lines and cooperative partners, we will be able to deliver your goods at a low price and choose the most suitable transportation line for you to transport your products safely and quickly. We are always interested in offer new opportunities and supporting your business.

                                                      Courier Service

With express courier service, you can get the goods within 1 week and enjoy door-to-door delivery service. Express Courier allows you to track the shipment status of your goods in real time and record the tracking number for each shipment.
The main popular expressers you can use in China include DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. As the official registered express agent for all major brands, we are able to offer our customers competitive prices. Including door-to-door delivery, customs clearance and door delivery, our express delivery is a fast, simple and complete service.

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