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How to import goods from China - a complete guide

                 How to import products from China - a complete guide for beginners

How to import goods from China is a topic of international trade and many people is interest in it . After all, China is the world's largest exporter of goods. Importing from China for the first time is not easy because a little wrong things can lead to failure. Whether you are an Amazon seller or a wholesaler, how to import products from China has never been easier. This often requires importing decision makers to have a wealth of knowledge and a decisive mind, because pressures from outside and internal doubts can easily cause decision makers to lose their direction.
When most importers who want to start a new business in China, the following are the first problems they will face -
.Which products should I sell first?
.How many products should I sell?
.Where should the product come from?
.What if the supplier is not reliable?
.What if the product is not top quality when it arrives?
.What if I don’t even break even?

In addition to these pressing issues, another headache problem is where do I import my products?
Although it seems that goods can be imported from many countries, China is actually the best place to import quality products. This is mainly due to four different reasons –

.The product is very cheap
Goods exported by other countries cannot be compared with the Chinese products. Chinese goods are too cheap. This is because the labor is quite cheap and the output of the product is indeed very large.

.High quality
Due to decades of international production, Chinese factories have formed a strict quality management system. The quality of Chinese goods is long-term stable and reliable. In China, whether it is daily consumer goods or other industrial products, their quality is very good.

In China, a large number of factories can offer a variety of unique products. In general, the Chinese factory customizes foreign client‘s own unique brand through OEM services to help  them develop their brand business.

.Can easy to import
Believe it or not, importing products from China seems to be a challenging task, but in fact it is not the case. Once you get used to it and establish your connection, things will become easier for your business.
Chinese imports must follow specific steps, and all of these steps seem daunting, but in the long-term it’s worth it. The correct import process are the follows the steps:
1.Ensure that selected products can be imported
Make sure that the selected product is actually can be imported into your country at the beginning. Instead of when the goods ship to your country, and you surprised find that you cannot import them, or you will suffer huge losses.
2.List exporters
There are big differences in the quotations of exporters, and the quality of the products varies widely. Don't shy away from price and quality comparisons because it is really useful. Exporters who list all good reputation supplier's names will benefit you.
3.Contact Supplier
Choosing the right supplier is a key step in importing from China. Contact the supplier to confirm that they have true capacity to produce your product and willing to provide product to you. Because some suppliers are unwilling to accept a lower number of orders, or they are not capable of producing, you must confirm. Of course, these tasks can be carried out by your Chinese agent.
4.Hire a sourcing agent
If you want to find the ideal supplier, get a favorable price, or want to fully control the quality of your product. Then the best choices is to work with experienced Chinese sourcing agents. An excellent sourcing agent can help you solve all the troubles and determine the safety of your order.
5.Sampling inspection the goods
Any purchase must be sampled and checked the goods. By checking whether the sampled product meets the expected quality, you can guarantee that all your product is qualified. It is harmless to refuse to sample the product, otherwise the goods you receive may have product defects.
6.Travel to China
If you want to start your order as quickly as possible, coming directly to China is the most direct option, and it shows that you are really interested in building a reliable business relationship. However, most of China's population does not speak fluent English, and it is very important to hire local language translators. But it is not necessary go to China if you have an agent.
7.Negotiation of price
Negotiation is a complicated matter. When negotiating with the Chinese, you must master the skills of Chinese negotiation. A good negotiator usually gets the best price and quality. After starting to import products from China, the negotiated price will become the most important part.
Payment is the most important part, you need to make sure the payment is safe to avoid the possibility of fraud. Otherwise, the wrong payment may cause the supplier and the seller to lose a considerable amount of money.

9.Handling customs clearance
Dealing with customs involves many things, such as the necessary permits, filing with ISF (Imported Securities Application), and so on. When importing, your national customs will ask you to show certain certificates so that they allow products to enter the country. Therefore, please ensure that you have selected a qualified Chinese agent to help you with customs clearance. Shipment is the final stage, you need to make sure you work with qualified Chinese shipping agents.
10.Receive your goods
The last step in the entire import process is get the goods, which involves quite a lot of procedures. You will be required to pay an import tax and arrange for the extraction of all goods and etc.
It is very important to follow all these steps. A wrong move can cost you a lot of time, money, or even failure. Therefore, it is very important to do business with a long-term and reliable company. Guangzhou Jhon is a reliable local company in Guangzhou, and we have truly created a place in the field of sourcing products. In addition, we also provide other professional services -

OEM quality products
Verify supplier
Control quality of the goods
Shipping your goods
Negotiation of price
Arrange for pick up, factory visit
Managing goods

As a professional agency, we provide a one-stop shopping service, providing a range of services from procurement to shipping. This means that buyers can save all the troubles. Working with us does have many benefits, and we will help your business grow fast.
Guangzhou Jhon is a transparent and trustworthy company. Customers from all over the world who are doing business with us have received rave reviews of our work. Contact us once and see for yourself.


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